Online Voting Procedures

  All members are able to login and vote for their favorite images in projection competitions. When the competition entry deadline ends at 8 pm on the Monday before our meeting, members may begin voting online. Voting will remain open until 4:30 pm on our meeting night. The following check list will lead you through the process of voting.

 1. Open any web browser on your computer, tablet, or cell phone.

 2. Go to the web login page at

 3. Log in to your account

 4. Click on the dropdown menu “Competitions” and go to “Vote on Competition Images”

 5. There will be two competitions listed for the monthly meeting date:  Color Projected and Monochrome Projected

 6. Select one of the competitions (Color or Monochrome)

 7. This will open a screen that has a selection box for the level that you will vote for first. It will automatically show Basic first.

 8. Click on “Vote in Full Screen Mode”. (Note: You can also vote from the thumbnail screen.)

 9. The images submitted for Level B will display one at a time in full screen

 10. You can click Next to go to the next image and Prior to return to the previous image

 11. Go back and forth between the images and decide which three you will vote for. Add a 1, 2, or 3 in the boxes associated with the images that you have selected. You cannot vote for your own images.

 12. Click “Exit” to go back to the thumbnail screen. You can vote or change your votes on this screen. Note: If you only select 1 or 2, the remaining votes will be automatically cast for the next image in the thumbnail order! If you want to change your vote, delete the scores that you initially entered, and enter the new scores (1,2 or 3). The thumbnail screen should show your selections.

 14. Click the “Save Rank Values” button just above the thumbnails to register your votes.

 15. Also check the box that says, “Check this when you are finished setting your image rank for all competitions”. The message above the “Vote in Full Screen Mode” should indicate that you have voted for 3 of 3 images.

 16. Select the Advanced level and repeat the process. Remember to save your votes after each level and check the box that says, “Check this when you are finished….”.

 16. When Level A is completed, select the Master level and vote for those images

 17. When finished with this competition, click “Return to Competition List” at the top of the page

 18. Select the other competition (Color or Monochrome) and repeat the process.

 19. If you are voting on your cell phone, you can only vote in full screen mode. The thumbnail option is not available.

 20. There is no online voting for Print competitions. For print competitions, members must be present at the meeting to vote by ballot.


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