Online Voting Begins on January 14, 2019

Starting in January 2019, LPS will be using online voting for digital projection image competitions.  Entering your images for the competition will be the same as it has been since we started using Visual Pursuits for our competition entries.  When the competition entries end on the Monday before our meeting, all members will be able to login and vote for their favorite images.  Voting will remain open until 8:00 pm on our meeting night.  This will allow anyone who wishes to wait until the meeting, view the entries on the projection screen, and vote for their favorites on their smart phone.  The following check list will lead you through the process of voting.

1.       Open any web browser on your computer, tablet, or cell phone.

2.       Go to the web login page at

3.       Log in to your account

4.       Click on the dropdown menu “Competitions” and go to “Vote on Competition Images”

5.       There will be two competitions listed when the competition voting is turned on at 8:30 pm on the Monday before our meetings, Color – Projected and Monochrome Projected

6.       Select one of the competitions

7.       This will open a screen that has a selection box for the level that you will vote for first.  It will automatically show Basic

8.       Click on “Vote in Full Screen Mode”

9.       The images submitted for Level B will display one at a time in full screen

10.   You can click Next to go to the next image and Prior to return to the previous image

11.   Go back and forth between all of the images and decide which three you will vote for.  You cannot specify 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.  You cannot vote for your own images.

12.   Click the “Check, to vote for this image” on the three that you have chosen

13.   Click “Exit” to go back to the thumbnail screen.  You can change your votes on this screen if you wish.

14.   Click the “Save Votes” button just above the thumbnails to register your votes

15.   Select the Advanced level and repeat the process. Remember to save your votes after each level

16.   When Level A is completed, select Masters level and vote for those images

17.   When finished with this competition, click “Return to Competition List” at the top of the page

18.   Select the other competition and repeat the process

If you are voting on your cell phone, you can only vote in full screen mode.  The thumbnail option is not available.  It is best to view the images before coming to the meeting and voting at that time.  The voting can be done on your phone during the meeting but it is easier on a larger screen of your computer or laptop.  We will show the images using our projector at the meeting just like we have done in the past.  If you want to change your vote, you can do that on your phone during the meeting.  Members who cannot attend the meeting can still vote for their favorites using their computers at home.

This procedure of voting online will reduce the time it currently takes to count the ballots and award ribbons.  We will continue to use ballots for our print competitions.

We welcome any feedback on this new process and encourage you to let us know if you are having issues while trying to vote.  You can email me at

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