Lagniappe means a little something extra.  In addition to our monthly meetings we will have gatherings on the first Thursday of each month  from 7 to 9 pm at the BREC Botanical Garden building located on Independence Boulevard (behind the Library).  These meeting will often be less formal and more interactional.  Sometimes we may do image evaluation, sometimes just visit.  These may not happen every month, so be sure to check the club calendar, newsletter and web for the schedule.  If you have a topic you would like to either lead or have discussed, please contact Theresa Low at lagniappe@laphotosociety.com  As always, registration is appreciated but not required. Please bring a snack to share and join us for this fun evening of learning.

 March 2, 2017
Earl Arboneaux, Speaker
7:00-9:00 pm Garden Center  

Earl Arboneaux  will give a presentation on how "Visualization, Imagination, and Perception", play an important role in our photography.

The gift of vision is the ability to receive and communicate a compelling image of a  process, outcome, by using divine light. Without light, there would be no sight. God gave us both light and sight, gifts working together to begin to understand creation. See how this process effects  how we visualize, create photographs.

Come explore with us how Visualization, Imagination, and Perception  helps define our minds to create better photographs.

As always, registration is appreciated.

Visualization When we go out and capture the world and try to give it meaning, we take in as much light as we can. While at the same  time we try to give it meaning.                                     – in the Visual Sense   …Trey Ratcliff

 Imagination Do you know “Your body is simply hardwired to respond to your mind and your mind responds to the pictures you feed it”.  Imagination is the only state of mind that allows us to be free from the limiting reality we live in. Allowing our imagination to flow freely liberates us from the restraints of regular life. Imagination creates a vision for us to see what could be.   ....Linton Bergsen

Perception Perception begins when the human brain receives data from the body's five senses. The mind then processes and applies meaning to the sensory information. Humans evolved to make sense of things. Every time a stimulus comes to us, our brain does the efficient thing: It responds based on past experience.  

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